Since 2015, I have worked on a small Christian title called Modern Reformation, and in 2016 my agency was tasked with its redesign. I worked alongside my creative directors as art director and designer to establish a smarter, cleaner look for the publication.

All work completed at Metaleap Creative. 

Creative directors: José Reyes & Eric Capossela

MR_March-April Cover 1.jpg
MR_Dept TOC 1.jpg
MR_Intro Spread 1.jpg
MR_Jab-Feb Feature 1a.jpg
MR_Jab-Feb Feature 2.jpg
MR_Jab-Feb Feature 3.jpg
MR_Jab-Feb Feature 3a.jpg
MR_Jab-Feb Feature 4.jpg
MR_Two Covers_2017_2-Up Photos.jpg